Private Tuition in SG: Home Tutoring Pros and Cons

Is private tuition right for your child? From costs and travel time to different learning styles and peer pressure, let’s explore the pros and cons of 1-on-1 tutoring in Singapore! 

Academic pressure in Singapore is getting more and more prevalent, and with that, it’s no surprise that you also see more and more tutoring options becoming available every day – phone applications, online classes, you name it. 

However, one form of tutoring remains the most sought after in Singapore – private tuition. 

Why is private tuition so popular in Singapore? 

There can be a myriad of reasons why private tuition in SG is popular. Here are the two most common reasons in Singapore: 

  • Working Parents 

There is a high number of double-income families in Singapore, which means that both parents work full-time and do not have time to supervise their child’s studies independently. Private tuition, in this case, helps reduce the stress on parents as the tutor helps give the student a leg up in their learning. 

  • Learning pace

A typical classroom of a school in Singapore consists of ~30 students. This means it is difficult for the teacher to cater to every student’s individual learning pace during class time, making those who are already falling behind find it even harder to follow the lessons. 1-to-1 tutoring benefits students greatly in this case as the tutors are able to guide them with a more personalised approach. 

Are there any disadvantages to it?

However, there are still parents and students who prefer attending group tuition instead of private tuition in Singapore. 

The student’s personality, learning needs and cost are all factors that should be considered when deciding whether group tuition or private tuition is more suitable for your child. 

So, is private tuition the best course of action for my child’s education? 

Private tuition in SG
  • Undivided attention from tutors in private tuition settings give students a huge boost in their study pace, allowing more time for revision and mastering concepts
  • Saves travel time 
  • Students are able to focus more in private tuition settings without distractions from other students 
  • Personalised learning allows students to spend more time on areas that they need more help with 
  • Some students are more confident and comfortable in voicing their thoughts and questions in a private setting
  • Better academic performance with help from a tutor 
  • Private tuition usually costs more, making it inaccessible to some families and students. However, a higher cost does not mean wastage, and a lower cost does not mean cost-efficiency. If the child does not improve because the learning conditions are not suitable for him/her, it would be a waste no matter how the cost is
  • Unintended complacency when students do not feel a sense of urgency without positive peer pressure and friendly competition from other students. However, improvement in academic performance with help from the tutor can boost the student’s confidence in school, thus motivating them to do even better. 


Every child is unique. It is important to listen to them in order to understand what they need before deciding whether private tuition is right for them! You can also look for well-established tutors who are more experienced so that they can help navigate your child’s learning style and needs with more ease! 

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