Group Tuition vs Private Tuition in Singapore: Which is Better?

Are private tutors in Singapore more expensive compared to group tutoring rates? What are the advantages and disadvantages of group tuition and private tuition in Singapore?

Whether you are an anxious parent preparing your child for primary school or a JC student trying to get a headstart on your A level preparations, it can get overwhelming trying to figure out which type of tuition you should be opting for. 

From discussing the costs to the advantages and disadvantages of it all, here is a comparative guide on group tuition versus private tuition in Singapore and how to decide which is better for you: 

Costs: Group Tuition vs Private Tuition 

Costs and tuition rates play a big part in a lot of Singaporeans’ selection process when trying to decide whether group tuition or private tuition is better. It’s easy to get tempted by lower prices, but it’s important to know that you shouldn’t let a lower cost be your ONLY determining factor. 

This is because the lower cost does not equate to cost-effectiveness. 

Make sure to factor in all the advantages and disadvantages of each type of tuition before making a decision!  If the type of tuition you opt for doesn’t suit the student’s learning style, it would ultimately be a waste of both time and resources no matter how low the cost. 

To help ease the selection process for you, here’s a table listing some of the advantages and disadvantages of group tuition and private tuition: 


Group Tuition Private Tuition 
  • more affordable
  • friendly competition and positive peer pressure 
  • extroverted students will thrive in group settings 
  • personalised student resources allow students to work on areas that they need more help with 
  • undivided attention from the tutor 
  • optimal focus without external distractions 
  • more time-efficient as it saves travel time 
  • introverted students will feel more comfortable voicing questions and thoughts in a private setting 
  • standardised student resources can disrupt students’ individual learning pace
  • more time-consuming as it requires travel time 
  • group settings tend to be more distracting 
  • divided attention from the tutor 
  • more costly 
  • students can develop a dependence on a tutor 

 Conclusion: Is Group Tuition or Private Tuition better? 

After analysing the advantages and disadvantages of both group tuition and private tuition objectively, it does seem like private tuition raises more pros than cons as compared to group tuition.

However, every student is unique and it is important to understand the individual so that you can determine which learning style is best. 

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