5 Tips On How To Find The Best Tutor For Your Child 

5 Tips On How To Find The Best Tutor For Your Child 

Choosing a tutor for your child in Singapore can be a daunting task. With so many things to consider and so many options available, how exactly do you find the ideal tutor? 

From budgets to discussing the people skills of potential tutors, here are 5 tips on how to find the best tutor for your child: 

  • Determine which environment your child would thrive in 

Every type of tuition comes with its own pros and cons, so how do you pick the one that best suits your child? To maximise the benefits of tuition and find the best tutor for your child, make sure to speak to your child and understand his/her learning style. Some children thrive in social settings like group tuition while some prefer a more quiet one, like private tuition. 

  • Decide on a budget 

One of the first things that you should do when trying to find the best tutor for your child is to decide on a budget. Tutors with different qualifications offer different rates. More experienced tutors like ex-school teachers demand higher rates, and tutors with less experience, like student teachers, offer lower rates. Once you determine how much you are going to pay for the tutor, you can begin eliminating the ones that fall out of your budget range. 

  • Involve your child in the selection process

It’s important to speak with your child and ask for their input during the selection process. You are trying to find the best tutor for them, after all. Understand what their strengths and weaknesses are, as well as what helps them learn better – is it positive reinforcement? Is it working in groups? Get them involved by sharing their thoughts and opinions with you! 

  • Look for established tutors with the right credentials 

When trying to find the best tutor for your child, it is vital to look for tutors with the right credentials. Experienced tutors are also recommended as they already have a grasp of teaching concepts to children. 

Remember to assess the potential tutor’s interpersonal skills and teaching method as well – just because a tutor is highly-qualified in terms of academics does not necessarily mean that they are able to convey that knowledge to a child! 

  • Assess whether your child gets along with the tutor 

As briefly mentioned in the point above, having the right qualifications isn’t the only thing to look out for when trying to find the best tutor for your child – personality matters too! 

If a tutor has stellar qualifications but is unable to communicate with your child on a personal level to obtain their trust, it means that the benefits of tuition are not being maximised! 

Remember, children perform better when they are comfortable and enjoying the learning process! Talk to your child after the tutoring sessions to find out what he/she learnt, whether they like the tutor they are working with and if you’ve finally found the best tutor for your child! 

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